The relatively recent explosion in creativity and production in the Audiovisual sector has been recognised with Oscar nominations, European Film Awards, an Emmy Award, and honours at numerous international festivals. Driving this newly found vitality is a framework of incentives and other mechanisms that nurture local talent and make productions possible that reach a wider, international audience. Creativity in Flanders also benefits from a thriving services sector, with several visual effects and digital post-production houses based in the region becoming significant international players, praised for their craftsmanship and their ability to innovate and to recruit talent from abroad.

Arts Flanders works together with VAF, the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (Flanders Image) to help bring well-deserved attention to the Directors, Actors and Producers of contemporary projects ranging from arthouse film shorts to big-budget full-length features shown in many foreign cinemas. Meanwhile, companies such as Barco, a world leader in digital cinema projection, and Galaxy Studios, the business behind Auro-3D sound, are helping revolutionise the cinema experience.