The influence of Cultural Heritage in Flanders runs deep for many centuries.  Specifically in painting, for example, one only has to think of artists ranging from Jan van Eyck to James Ensor to realise the tremendous contribution by Flanders. Furthermore, the Flemish Community is one of the protagonists in the world-wide movement of safeguarding intangible cultural heritage in the 21st Century. From the collections preserved in museums, archives, heritage libraries and documentation centres to the many forms of intangible heritage, Cultural Heritage is found everywhere, for everyone, and is a source of inspiration and reflection for the present and future, a celebration of cultural diversity and a challenge for memory, preservation and development.

Arts Flanders works closely with FARO, Flemish interface centre for Cultural Heritage, The Flemish Art Collection (VKC), and the Contemporary Art Heritage Flanders (CAHF). Each of these organisations is in their own way an important advocate for Cultural Heritage in Flanders. VKC has an emphasis on the art-historical collections, while CAHF is fully dedicated to contemporary art. FARO supports the rich sector of tangible and intangible cultural heritage. Together they guarantee a complete international visibility for the Cultural Heritage sector of Flanders.