The Literature of Flanders has a proud past and present, and a promising  future. Flanders can reference a rich literary heritage and produces some of the finest Dutch-language literature today. The international acclaim for translations of prose, poetry, (illustrated) youth and children’s literature, graphic novels, literary non-fiction, and theatre texts has risen sharply over the past decades. In addition to its narrative tradition, comics and illustrated children’s books are a distinct and a well-known art form in Flanders and abroad. Drawing upon the Belgian tradition, (Tintin, Gaston and so forth) comic artists from Flanders are developing their craft into art. This same development applies to illustrators from Flanders, who re-new, adapt and expand techniques established by our world-famous artists since the Middle Ages.

Arts Flanders works in conjunction with the Flemish Literature Fund (FLF), an autonomous governmental institution that promotes Dutch-language literature in Flanders and abroad. The home policy focuses on enhancing the literary production by authors from Flanders by introducing market corrective measures. The foreign policy aims at generating high-quality translations and presentations of these books abroad, including a presence at the international book fairs of Angoulême, Bologna, London, Beijing and Frankfurt.