Lucifer wins Grand Prix in Tallinn

Lucifer, Gust Van den Berghe

Gust Van den Berghe’s feature Lucifer has won the Grand Prix at the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival in Estonia (14-30 November). This marks the first international recognition for the film, which premiered at the Rome Film Festival in October. The festival’s main prize comes with a grant of € 10,000  donated by the City of Tallinn.
Lucifer In the weeks following its premiere in Rome last October, Lucifer headed for various other festivals including the Festival du Nouveau Cinéma in Montreal, the International Film Festival in Valladolid and the Film Fest Ghent back home. Additional screenings were also held at festivals in Mexico and Colombia before Lucifer overcame the competition in Tallinn to take home the festival’s Grand Prix. The jury in Estonia praised Van den Berghe’s film for its ability to reveal the fundamental things in life.
The final instalment in the director’s triptych, including Little Baby Jesus of Flandr and Blue Bird, competed alongside 17 other feature films in the festival’s international competition. The film tells the story of Lucifer who, on his downfall from heaven, passes through a small Mexican village where the elderly Lupita, her brother Emmanuel – faking paralysis – and her granddaughter Maria live. Lucifer senses an opportunity to cause mischief.
Lucifer was shot by Hans Bruch Jr., who developed a new circular format and lens, giving the film its unique look. David Verdurme was editor, while the producer is Tomas Leyers of Minds Meet (Violet, I’m the same I’m an other).