Freek Mariën wins 2015 Taalunie Playwriting Prize

Freek Mariën
At just 27, the Flemish playwright Freek Mariën has been awarded the 2015 Taalunie playwriting prize for his play ‘Wachten en andere heldendaden’ (Waiting and Other Heroic Deeds). The prize is worth 10.000 euro and rewards the most important Dutch-language theatre script of the past season. The jury applauded Freek Mariën for his 'anarchistic, provocative piece, inimitable in development, so exceptional that it is actually impossible to compare with any other work'. In the script, four men are on guard duty by a wall, behind which there is, supposedly, a state secret. When one of four guards suddenly disappears, the rumours start buzzing.Mariën initially wrote primarily for youth theatre. In 2012, he won the Dutch-German Kaas & Kappes prize for the best Dutch-German script, with ‘Vergiet’ (Sieve), a play about dementia, for children of eight years and upwards. Already then, it was clear that Mariën had a lot to offer. With 'Waiting and Other Heroic Deeds', for which he received a working grant from the Flemish Literature Fund, he is now also aiming at an adult audience.