'News & Views' from Frankfurt 2014 and Bookshelf Essentials

In anticipation of the Frankfurt Book Fair this week, the Flemish Literature Fund has published a brochure on Flemish literary classics, Bookshelf Essentials and a new editon of it's News & Views

The latest edition of 'News & Views' reports on new books from Flanders, recently crowned authors and translators and on successful book projects that have been realised with the support of FLF. The journal also focuses on the presence of FLF at the Frankfurt Book Fair, with Flemish author Bart Moeyaert as artistic director of Frankfurt Book Fair 2016, when Flanders and the Netherlands will be joined guests of honour, as central highlight!

In the Bookshelf Essentials brochure a total of 22 Flemish classic novels are represented, written between 1916 and 1996. Naturally, such internationally renowned authors as Hugo Claus and Willem Elsschot are included, but also less-known treasured authors such as Cyriel Buysse and Herman Teirlinck. Additionally, the brochure features a handy overview of all the existing translations. This makes it an ideal tool for foreign publishers who may be interested in translating these classics now, or republishing if there is already an existing translation to hand.


> The latest edition of News & Views


> The Brochure Bookshelf Essentials