New piece by Flemish composer Frédéric D’Haene will be created during Frankfurter Positionen

Music with silent aitake's for Gagaku and Chamber Orchestra will be created and performed by Ensemble Modern and Reigakusha on 22nd and 23rd of January 2015 during the festival Frankfurter Positionen.

“In the time and space we are living in, all the cultural streams are debouching into one ocean. And it is from there that we have to invent new forms, universes and traditions.” (Frédéric D’Haene)

Music with silent aitake’s, written by the Belgian composer Frédéric D’Haene, is a unique experiment in music history. It will be a joint venture between a Western music ensemble, the famous German Ensemble Modern, and one of Japan’s best Gagaku ensembles, the Reigakusha Ensemble. Gagaku is the the oldest continuous orchestral music in the world and has been performed at the Imperial Court in Japan for over a thousand years. Frédéric doesn’t speak of a fusion, but of a “co-existence” of two styles. The première will take place at the Festival Frankfurter Positionen in Frankfurt: a biennial festival in Frankfurt that presents an artistic programme parallel with a symposium about social challenges.

Programme of the concert: Traditional Gagaku-music by Reigakusha Ensemble, Radio Rewrite (2012) by Steve Reich by Ensemble Modern, Creation of Music with silent aitake’s

Supported by : The Japan Foundation and The Nomura Foundation and by BHF BANK-Stiftung and Adolf und Luisa Haeuser-Stiftung für Kunst und Kulturpflege

Practical information

22 & 23 of January 2015 at 19:30 | Frankfurt LAB Schmidstrasse |

Press Office Festival : Sigrid Scherer | 00 49 069-718-3452 |

Contact in Belgium : Sophie Van Stratum | 0032 485 78 73 76 |


The music of Frédéric D’Haene (° 1961) has been performed by countless musicians and ensembles (e.g. Frederic Rzewski, David Cohen, Champ d’Action, Danel Quartet, Musiques Nouvelles, Het Collectief, Wibert Aerts). Passionate by Japanese culture, he also learned Gagaku music. This Japanese classical music has been performed at the Imperial Court for over a thousand years and is the oldest continuous orchestral music in the world. His leitmotiv is “paradoxical coexistence” : a technique he developed in his compositions.