A brand-new organisation

Logo Flanders Arts Institute

Flanders Arts Institute (Kunstenpunt) is a brand-new organisation that emerged on 1 January 2015 as a result of the fusion of the Flanders Music Centre (MCV), the Institute for the Performing Arts (VTi) and the Flemish Institute for Visual, Audiovisual and Media Art (BAM).   In the service of the arts sector, it becomes the central point of contact for all music genres, performing arts and visual arts, both national and international.  The organisation’s core tasks are practice development, vision development via field analysis and the expansion of collective (inter)national relations. 

"In 2015, Flanders Arts Institute has three relevant priorities.  We will stimulate the diverse and layered landscape of the arts with the application of a few important new policies from the Flemish Government. On the one hand, there is the first unfurling of the renewed Arts decree. On the other hand, the de-centralising of the cultural policy demands special attention. Cities and communities are acquiring more autonomy and the cultural authority at the provincial level is being phased out. Furthermore, we are stimulating the search in the work field for new organisational models. In the first place we are recognising which supplemental financing possibilities and new management models to scale for our various sectors and actors can be implemented. Another focus is upon the self-organisation initiatives by and for artists, as a strategy to make their careers more durable. A third relevant priority for 2015 is super diversity. To begin, that means that we shall critically look at the activity and position of Flanders Arts Institute on all levels.  We are convinced that by means of bundling powers into one support foundation, we shall be able to better support the arts sector. Moreover, we will be stronger in our communications with the government to realise a tailor-made policy for all sectors. In addition to crossing over sectors, Flanders Arts Institute will also naturally continue working in a discipline-specific mode.  During the previous and current policy period, the arts support foundations have had to economise 20% and this naturally has consequences for personnel and our activities. (...) The pressure on our resources means that we must carefully and critically examine the entire activity of Flanders Arts Institute. As such, 2015 is a year of transition. We shall (re)determine which activities are absolutely necessary to fulfil our core tasks across the sector and the government. We are not only doing this re-orientating internally, but also in dialog with our various partners.We will keep what is good, and change what we can to be better, also taking into account your input on scrutinising our choices.

Flanders Arts Institute thus begins the New Year with a healthy dose of ambition. We want to continue nourishing the conversation on the arts in Flanders and take it to an elevated level.
We want to become the reference of the art in Belgium and abroad, and we hope that together with you to sketch out the desired framework so that our artists and organisations continue to reach new heights.
In conclusion, we also proudly present our new logo. From now on, under this banner, we will engage in our dialog with you. We look forward to writing this new chapter together with you."

Felix De Clerck
Director, Flanders Arts Institute