Performing arts

The performing arts scene in Flanders is marked by a dynamic, diverse and colourful mixture of dance, theatre, music theatre and performance. In addition to the well-established and internationally acclaimed names in these areas, a new generation of upcoming talent is poised to conquer the world. Contemporary artists from Flanders create a wealth of performances that are generously diverse, from repertory theatre and dance to site-specific performance and everything in between. Incorporating new methods to reach and involve audiences from all ages and various socio-cultural backgrounds, these artists continue to explore new artistic and geographical territories, performing in countries around the world as far as Australia and New Zealand and an overall, ever-increasing presence in Asia.

VTi, the Institute for the Performing Arts in Flanders, is a comprehensive documentary and research resource centre for the performing arts in Flanders, as well as an interface amongst professionals, policy-makers and an interested public. The need for a continuing professional and public dialog about the performing arts is a driving force behind their mission. VTi stimulates international interaction amongst performing arts professionals via visitors’ programmes and establishing international collaborations.