Bart Moeyaert appointed artistic director Frankfurt 2016

Bart Moeyaert has been appointed artistic director of the programme to be presented by Flanders and the Netherlands as guests of honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2016.


This decision has just been made by the Board of Directors of the Flemish Literature Fund and the Supervisory Board of the Dutch Foundation for Literature. Bas Pauw of the Dutch Foundation for Literature will take upon himself, full time and with immediate effect, the managerial and organizational leadership of the ambitious project. This summer a member of staff at each of the two literature foundations will be appointed to start work on preparations for Frankfurt 2016. Further posts will be created in the spring of 2015, one in Flanders and one in the Netherlands, making the Frankfurt team complete.


The most significant contributions to the resources needed for this project will come from the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the Flemish Ministry of Culture, Youth, Sport and Media. In mid-March the two culture ministers, Jet Bussemaker and Joke Schauvliege, signed an agreement with Juergen Boos, director of the Frankfurt Book Fair. The agreement states that the Netherlands and Flanders will jointly present themselves as guests of honour at this most important of all international book fairs. It has been known for some time that the two literature foundations will take responsibility for organizing the programme, but the entire book industry has spent several months eagerly anticipating the appointment of the project’s artistic director.


In choosing Bart Moeyaert the two foundations are clearly opting for an enterprising author who is held in high regard by his colleagues, by the public and by the media, in both Flanders and the Netherlands. Moeyaert is an internationally renowned author with an extensive network in many foreign countries and translations in twenty-one languages. Nineteen of Moeyaert’s books have been published in German translation, most of them by Carl Hanser Verlag. He has a strong relationship with the German language area, where he regularly holds workshops and appears on stage at festivals. He has been attending the Frankfurt Book Fair for twenty-five years and knows it from the inside out. Moeyaert writes prose and poetry for readers of all ages and in that sense builds bridges between different literary genres and authors. He is passionate about all kinds of art forms, enjoys experimenting with digital media, is continually searching for innovative ways of interesting and involving his readers, has gained experience at organizing multidisciplinary productions and is extraordinarily creative. These qualities among others make Bart Moeyaert the perfect person to fill the role of artistic director.